Module 4- Know Thyself

In this module you will create your life map and determine your interests, passions and skills and pinpoint how to articulate who you are in a powerful way.


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[title size="4" content_align="left" style_type="{style_type}" sep_color="" class="" id=""]Design your ideal life[/title]


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  • Design Your Ideal Life
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    Checklist to complete this section

    • Have you visualised your perfect life? Yes / No
    • Have you designed it and wrote it down? Yes / No
    • Have you sent your brainstorming to some friends/colleagues for feedback? Yes / No
    • Have you received feedback from 0 friend: mark 0, 1 friend: mark 1, 2 friends: mark 3, 3 friends or more: mark 5.

    If you've done all these steps and have received one or more feedback, congratulations.

    Now, integrate the feedback you’ve received to refine your life map and you are ready for the next step

    More Training and Resources

    You can go further in your self-discovery journey by taking the following personality tests:



    Wealth dynamics



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