5-Day To Discover Your Passion

Welcome to the 5-Day to Discover your Passion Challenge. it's flexible and it's personalised.

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We welcome you to start our online courses designed to help you develop through the levels step-by-step.

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Welcome to your 5 days passion Course with My Digital Pal.

There are four mini-courses that form part of this complete course. There are  Levels; 1,2 3 4 & 5 which start from Pre-intermediate to Advanced.

About Course

5 days to “Discover Your Passion” Challenge for Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Executives

Are you feeling directionless and need guidance to discover what sparks passion in this season of your life?

Register now to join Francine Beleyi, Digital Strategist and Personal Branding Expert and Founder of nucleus of change in the 5-day Passion Challenge.

Reset your life’s priorities as we work together to discover what truly lights you up in 5 days, so you can achieve a lifestyle you love.

5-day to Discover your Passion challenge

We believe that one of the best ways to have this is to be a great passioner.