Get Productive in 2019 with a fully Editable Content Calendar.

The Ultimate Tool To Become More Consistent with Your message.

Looking to get more disciplined and plan ahead your content for a successful content strategy in 2019?

Watch an Explanatory video of how to use the content calendar

(Although  this video is related to 2018, all the info apply to any year!)

Look no further. This editable content calendar has got everything you need to take the guess out of your day! Get the structure and plan you need to run an effective content marketing for your website, blog, email, social media i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. Grab this fully editable ’12-month Editorial Planner’ in Excel spreadsheet to plan ahead all your activities in 2019. It contains:

Monthly 2019 In this tab, you can list the public holidays, key dates and the campaigns to run monthly. You can also use this tab to use the theme of the year in one word. Eg. Momemtum, Focus or Acceleration to summarise what you need to focus on to achieve your best year ever.

52 weeks In this tab, you can plan for the 52 topics of the year each week

Daily posts This tab can be used to schedule your blog posts.

Social plan. This tab provides you a structure for Monday to Sunday and the type of information you could share on social media. It also includes the image sizes optimised for each social media, a Twitter checklist to use to optimise your tweets including guidelines for promotional tweets.

LinkedIn tab. This tab provides you the structure to use to schedule your LinkedIn posts

Twitter tab. This tab provides you the structure to use to schedule your Tweets

Facebook tab. This tab provides you the structure to use to schedule your Facebook posts and for status update

Instagram tab. This tab provides you the structure to use to schedule your Instagram posts

Sources and hashtags.  This tab provides you the place to store list the sources of information you use to find information and the hashtags you use or follow.

Partners-competitors.  This tab provides you the opportunity to list your existing and potential partners as well as your competition that you want to follow. This is the perfect way to outline opportunities you spot for a win-win partnership (which value you can provide them & the value they can provide you).

Emailing schedule. This tab provides you a template to schedule your monthly or weekly newsletters well in advance and thinking through what will be sent out.

Interview schedule.  Use this tab to plan and research experts to interview and when the video, audio or article will be released in your schedule to make the most sense.

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What clients say?

“I had had four unsatisfactory and failed attempts at a website designer for my business before I persuaded Francine to take me on. Francine understood my needs and did a marvellous job in translating my ideas into a workable practical product.

Francine has a unique set of skills which I was looking for, a designer, a marketing strategist, a deep understanding of the training business, and she was able to pull these three strands together very successfully for my business. She was very flexible in working around my schedule; She shows dedication and makes sure the job is done properly and completely; She is a pleasure to work with. After four attempts to find the right person, Francine proved an absolute delight to work with. She is experienced, a strategic thinker, dedicated to her work, a delight in every way.”

Peter Cameron, Managing Director, Energy Markets Global Limited


"Francine is an impressive driver in business with a personal drive that is admirable. Once committed to a project she will work to deliver to successful outcomes. Francine has extensive experience in the marketing and brand management of products and services. A champion for action, she implements action driven strategies, but most importantly, follows through and delivers required results."

Delene Edwards, Director, Delene Edwards Consulting


“Francine has provided me a clear understanding of how to proceed. What I like the most about working with Francine is her clarity of focus and having to really think about the issues involved. She has a wide knowledge and experience across a variety of fields. She knows what she is talking about because she has been there and tried it or done it. Put succinctly - she delivers a comprehensive package tailored to the client's needs, whatever their business. A targeted approach with probing questions accompanied by a forthright yet pleasant manner - that gets to the real facts, by which I mean not ones the client might like to pretend are the facts. The result is a clear analysis of the situation. Based on that and her substantial experience and expertise she presents a clear set of proposals as how to proceed. I enjoy working with Francine. In addition to the above 'technical' aspect, she is a warm human being.”

Geoffrey Arnold Pinchin, Founder of DreamScapes Ltd

"Working with Francine has helped me focus the direction of my business; I have always felt respected, supported and encouraged to trust my own instincts. I never felt pushed into anything that I didn’t feel completely comfortable with. I always trust her judgement. Trustworthy. I would highly recommend working with Francine. She has given me the confidence in myself to grow and expand my business, while advising and supporting me throughout our relationship.”

Nina Gilbey, Founder, London Jewellery Workshop