Personal Branding for Executives

Are you looking to become an authority in your field and get paid more?

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What you Get with this Offer

  • Personal brand online audit
  • Your personalised personal branding plan
  • Create your own Website and your Blog
  • Build your digital assets: e-book, book, e-course,podcast, YouTube channel, etc
  • Craft your personalised marketing strategy
  • Create your Video Introduction to use as your authority pitch
  • Create or boost your social media presence: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Join the Thrive community with free 12 month access. Includes weekly calls with additional materials
  • Access tools, templates, cheat sheets to create a profitable online presence

Personal Branding for Executives

Are you looking to become an authority in your field and get paid more?

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Francine Beleyi

I am Francine Beleyi, Digital Strategist and Communication Consultant, founder of nucleus of change, a company specialising in helping organisations to adapt & thrive in the digital age and, where we teach experts, entrepreneurs and other individuals to learn step by step they skills they need to use digital tools to start and grow a business online and stop trading time for money.

When I first started exploring with Personal Branding in 2008, I had to jump over a lot of hurdles. I had no idea if I would ever be able to become a thought leader working with people I love and writing a book on Personal Branding. So, I made a lot of mistakes, and learned as much as I could along the way, and here I am. Now let me save you the time and trouble of learning the hard way and help you build an influential personal brand.

I’ve helped hundreds of people get to where they want to go by clarifying what makes them unique. I promise to you that with your passion and my know how, I’ll get you there too. Sign up now and I will get in touch with you to start the program.

You can find out more about me on my personal website